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Being completely nuts I’m tackling two projects at once … and researching a third. Busy hands make happy hands, or whatever it was my grandmother always said as she put me to work.

FIRST is the next Lucky project, a NEW LUCKY NOVELLA. I don’t have a title yet, but it is a setup for the sixth book, LUCKY BREAK (or LUCKY STAR, I haven’t decided—maybe I could have a contest… hmmm.) Set behind the scenes in the music/entertainment scene in Vegas, the story is actually told from two points of view: Lucky, of course, and Flash, an investigative reporter, naughty girl, and Lucky’s bestie. We’ll see how it goes. Controlling two strong women is a bit of a challenge.

SECOND is something totally new: the first in a series set in Napa, CRUSHED, is the heartfelt story of Sophia Stone, a woman on the brink of an empty nest, stuck in an unsatisfying job, and nurturing a mother who is slipping ungracefully into dementia. When her husband was killed in an accident five years before, Sophia put her life on autopilot and her heart and dreams on ice while caring for those around her. When her home and her dreams are threatened, Sophia grudgingly learns she must also fight for herself. In doing so she rediscovers the woman she used to be, and to perhaps trust love one more time.



Deb's Newest Novel

Would somebody really kill for a truffle? In a heartbeat. And when Lucky’s path crosses the killer’s...will her goose be cooked?

More About LUCKY CATCH: A complete synopsis, an excerpt, and some insights behind the story’s creation.